Cats are playful, rambunctious, and simply balls of vitality which are an excellent addition to any dwelling. Nonetheless, an energetic ball of fur isn’t for everybody— particularly cat father or mother newbies. Many individuals desire to seek out the calmest cat breeds to match their vitality.

Usually, the calmest cats are additionally among the most friendly breeds you could find, so they’re nice companions too. In case you’re searching for a buddy that received’t get the zoomies at 3 am, these 13 laid-back feline breeds will make an ideal partner in crime.

golden retrievers and cats
British Quick Hair

What are the Calmest Cat Breeds?

Cats are recognized to be calmer than dogs, however there are a couple of cat breeds which are calmer than others. In order for you the proper addition to your tranquil family, think about getting one in all these felines.

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are one the most affectionate cat breeds you could find. They’re additionally one of many greatest cat breeds, as an grownup male can weigh round 18 kilos. This implies they really are light giants.

Ginger Maine Coon cat lying on the wooden table.

Their affectionate nature and calm persona make them the proper pets for households with younger children. Whereas calm, they’re additionally very playful, making them superb playmates. They’re people-oriented, so don’t be shocked by them accompanying you in all places at dwelling. 

Brown Maine coon cat sitting. calmest cat breeds
Maine Coon

2. British Shorthair

As you possibly can inform from their title, they originate from Nice Britain however are regarded as introduced over from Rome and Egypt. These chubby round-faced cats are available varied colours and patterns, though blue-grey is the commonest.

british short hair tuxedo

Apart from their calm demeanor, they’re very easy-going, clever, and simple to groom. They make simple companions for first-time house owners as they will get together with nearly anybody— together with canines.

These calm beauties don’t want a lot consideration and are an excellent addition to a laid-back proprietor or household.

british shorthair blue face

3. Ragamuffin

Ragamuffins are recognized for being one of many extra affectionate cat breeds. However that doesn’t imply that they’re needy. These cats can get together with nearly any animal or individual and infrequently simply wish to be round others.

Fluffy ragamuffin cat in the studio.

They get pleasure from enjoying with the occasional toy, however general simply get pleasure from lazing about and being close to a companion. So, you received’t discover them participating in highly-energy actions like leaping about, working, or going bump within the evening.

As an alternative, they like to make use of their vitality for extra essential issues— like being carried round of their proprietor’s arms.

ragamuffin cat eye shot in profile
Ragamuffin Cat in profile

4. Persian

There’s no lacking this floof on legs. These breeds are infamous for his or her flowing coats and “diva” behaviors. And, whereas a Persian cat’s grooming routine could forestall some new house owners from getting one, their calm demeanor and cute spherical face normally win them again.

Persian cat, sitting in front of white background
Persian cat

They’re extra content material as indoor cats, so that you received’t discover them chasing round birds an excessive amount of. That is primarily due to their stocky construct that prohibits quick motion but in addition as a result of they love consideration and affection. They aren’t high-energy in any respect and make wonderful lap cats. You’ll almost certainly discover hoping for a snuggle from you or fortunately purring within the solar. 

White Persian cat lying on the ground.

5. Ragdoll

A number of phrases that describe a Ragdoll cat’s personality are: peaceable, sociable, and affectionate. So, how will you not fall in love with these duo-tone cats?

Blue-eyed Maine Coon ragdoll cat sitting beside a basket where its flower is hanging over its head.
Ragdoll Cat

Ragdolls are nice low-maintenance cats who’re content material with going together with your family’s move. In comparison with different breeds, these cats bode nicely with a brand new setting and will be left alone at dwelling for a couple of hours if want be.

However don’t go away them on their very own for too long. They’re almost certainly the primary ones to greet you when you open the entrance door. And, whereas they love the occasional play, they get pleasure from cuddles and lazing in your lap extra. 

ragdoll cat face

6. Scottish Fold

You’ll be able to acknowledge these tubby kittens by their rounded face and brief, folded ears (therefore the title). They originate from the Tayside area of Scotland and are one of many most expensive cat breeds on this planet.

<img src=”” alt=”Scottish fold cat with yellow eyes one of many huge eyed cat breeds” class=”wp-image-2804″/>
Scottish fold cat with yellow eyes

And whereas they might include a excessive price ticket, they aren’t that top upkeep. All they want is an effective brush at the least as soon as per week, a cuddle at times, and a full stomach to maintain them glad. 

dark coloured scottish Fold Cat lying on floorboards with cup of
Scottish Fold Cat

7. Russian Blue

These grey kitties usually are not solely calm but in addition fairly shy. Meaning you received’t have to fret about them being rambunctious all through the day. 

Russian blue cat portrait
Russian Blue Cat

Whereas they might be shy, it doesn’t imply they received’t let you already know once they want a very good snuggle. They’re truly very affectionate pets. They strike the proper steadiness between loving with out being too clingy as they love their area.

These cats are the way in which to go if your private home wants a relaxed, low-maintenance kitten.

photo of russian blue cat playing with brown wooden stick while lying on grass
Picture by Kirsten Bühne on

8. Birman

Birmans have an attention-grabbing origin. They originate from Myanmar (Burma) and are also referred to as the “Sacred Cats of Burma” in some languages. Nonetheless, after exhibiting up in France in 1920, the breed quickly traveled to many properties internationally.

Birman cat at home on sunny day

No matter their origin, it’s not tough to see why they remained a crowd favourite for therefore a few years. They’re calm, pleasant, affectionate, and low-maintenance cats that get alongside nicely with everybody. And, as they get older, they mellow out much more and are more than pleased to simply wander round the home purring from lap to lap.

Birmanese Domestic Cat

9. Selkirk Rex

Have you ever heard of the curly-haired Selkirk Rex but? It is without doubt one of the 4 solely curly-haired cat breeds, which makes this feline a excessive commodity.

Selkirk Rex kitten, 5 months old, sitting in front of white background
Selkirk Rex kitten, 5 months outdated

Not solely does she have seems, however she additionally has brains and a persona too. A Selkirk Rex has a social, affectionate character that exudes calmness and heat to fellow animals, adults, and kids. In case you are searching for a carefree, loving pet that received’t run amok, you can not go flawed with this tangle of curls.

Two bicolored Selkirk cats standing close to each other, staring at something.

10. Burmese

It’s essential for a cat’s development to incorporate play, and Burmese cats are a main instance of this. This breed is tremendous playful and extremely smart. They decide up methods like fetch pretty simply and are extra “dog-like” than different cats on this listing.

Burmese cat on white background
Burmese Cat

Sometimes, playful cats are very energetic. And whereas Burmese are fairly energetic, they’re additionally fairly calm and lazy. They’d a lot relatively spend their time snuggling, speaking, or enjoying with you than working round. 

White and black Burmese cats sitting in a basket next to each other.

11. Korat

The Korat is usually dubbed one of many smartest cat breeds, nevertheless it also needs to get recognition for its calm demeanor. To not be confused with the Russian Blue, the Korat has a slimmer face and lighter gray coat.

korat cat breed
korat cat breed

These mellow cats love laying of their proprietor’s lap all through the day and don’t thoughts being picked up, both. They’re content material so long as they will get ample cuddles and are velcroed to your facet.

Whereas they’re calm and easygoing, they’re skittish round strangers and don’t do nicely being left alone for lengthy intervals.

korat expensive cat breed

12. Himalayan

The duality of Himalayan cats makes them a wonderful addition to many households. They’re playful and social but aren’t very energetic. They’re calm pets that do nicely in relaxed environments, however that doesn’t imply they don’t have the occasional bursts of vitality.

himalayan cat with dark coat

In case you have young children, these cats are elated to play, speak, and cuddle with them— so long as there’s no rowdiness. You’ll be able to anticipate these cool cats to get alongside nicely with most animals or folks, however they like some alone time as nicely at times.

They’ll let you already know once they’re prepared for extra consideration with a melodious meow.

13. Unique Shorthair

You’ll acknowledge an Unique Shorthair instantly by their brief snouts and large brilliant eyes. Whereas this may increasingly make them look grumpy, they’re truly huge softies.

Ginger flat faced cat with amber eyes up close
Unique Shorthair cat

They’re additionally very docile with a low prey drive and are form of sofa potatoes. They get pleasure from spending most of their time stress-free with their house owners, children, and people near them. These cats are nice for busy households as they are often left alone for a couple of hours with no fuss. So long as they will get pleasure from being close to you more often than not.

And, whereas it is without doubt one of the cat breeds that don’t shed a lot, they do want a brush as soon as a day. However that’s a small worth to pay for this cute, laid-back roommate. 

Exotic Shorthair kitten, 4 months old, sitting in front of white background

Have The Calmest Cat Breeds Gained Your Coronary heart?

If I’m being trustworthy, it’s not too exhausting for cats to win over somebody’s heart. Their candy faces and heat cuddles are sufficient to soften anybody’s coronary heart. However not all cat breeds are the identical. And whereas every particular person cat has their very own persona, getting a cat breed that mirrors your dynamic is an effective begin.

Getting a relaxed cat breed could be the most suitable choice in the event you’re a busybody, family-oriented, or simply laid again. And, whereas many are a bit lazy, that doesn’t imply that they aren’t playful, affectionate, or missing in persona in any respect.

Actually, whereas calm, you received’t lack a lot from these lovely furballs.

tortie ragdoll cat

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