Anybody who’s ever owned a cat is aware of they will have a wild facet. Usually, this habits is simply brushed apart as being playful, particularly as a result of most cats have a cute and cuddly look. This routinely disqualifies them from being harmful. 

Nevertheless, even the domesticated family house cat is descended from wildcats. Though they’ve largely diverged from their wild roots, this isn’t all the time the case. And it’s extra obvious in some breeds than others. 

It’s time to look intently on the most harmful cat breeds. 

15 Harmful Cat Breeds 

Earlier than we look at probably the most harmful and meanest cat breeds, understand that the habits of domesticated breeds may be circumstantial. Some cats are extra vulnerable to aggressive habits provided that their wants aren’t being met. 

In some instances, they’re solely harmful to different animals and strangers, and never essentially their households. In different instances, these breeds are labeled harmful primarily based solely on their look. 

1. Savannah

The Savannah cat is a hybrid breed; it’s a cross between a serval (wild cat) and a home cat. Most offspring are massive and lanky with athletic our bodies and noticed coats. Often, this breed’s temperament is playful, adventurous, and constant. 

Tabby Savannah cat against white background
Savannah Cat

These cats aren’t inherently aggressive; nonetheless, in the event that they really feel threatened, they will show aggressive tendencies. In the event that they get bored, they’re extra vulnerable to damaging habits. 

Savannah-cat dangerous cat breeds

They’ve wildcat genes, and due to this fact, they will have sturdy searching instincts. Because of this, they could be a harmful cat breed to have round different family pets, together with rodents, fish, and birds. 

2. Siamese 

Some cat lovers could be shocked to search out Siamese cats listed as probably the most harmful cat breeds. Nevertheless, that is circumstantial. If a Siamese cat is in a protected and cozy atmosphere and given sufficient consideration and playtime, they’re usually affectionate and loving. 

Lynx point Siamese with its paws up.

But when their wants aren’t met, they’re extra vulnerable to habits issues and performing out. Siamese cats are additionally extra territorial than different breeds. Issues like stress and anxiousness might trigger them to chunk. 

Blue-eyed chocolate point Siamese cat sitting on the wooden table while looking at the camera.

So long as you’ll be able to create a stimulating dwelling atmosphere for them that features loads of affection and cat toys, you shouldn’t have to fret about this breed performing out in dangerous methods. 

3. Sphynx

The Sphynx breed is characterised by a hairless physique. Usually, they’re often known as affectionate, loving, and constant pets. Nevertheless, that is extra so the case when all of their wants are being met. They are often needy pets who demand consideration within the type of petting, playtime, and cuddles. 

grey spynx cat on timber bench
Sphynx Cat

This bald breed is understood for displaying extroverted habits; they’re additionally naturally curious and have a number of power. They want loads of psychological and bodily stimulation to forestall them from damaging habits. Because of this, they require further consideration from cat homeowners. In the event that they don’t get what they need, they will act out. 

sphynx cat grey

4. Bengal

The Bengal cat is a domesticated breed created by mixing the Asian leopard cat with home shorthair cats, particularly the noticed Egyptian Mau. This breed is understood for being affectionate, loyal, and alert. 

<img src=”×800.jpg” alt=”savannah cat vs bengal cat” class=”wp-image-23189″/>

Nevertheless, their wild roots can come out throughout playtime or when they need your consideration. Bengals are extremely lively and clever. They get pleasure from taking part in within the water, climbing up cat trees, and studying tips. They’ve sturdy searching instincts and shouldn’t be trusted subsequent to small animals like birds, hamsters, and rabbits. 

They’re additionally not sometimes a cuddly cat breed, and should you attempt to choose them up or snuggle them towards their will, their claws may come out. 

two bengal cats

Bengal cats are banned in a number of US states and cities, together with Seattle, Connecticut, Hawaii, and New York

5. Chausie 

The Chausie is a reasonably new breed of home cat, having solely been acknowledged in 1995. They had been created by breeding the non-domestic jungle cat species with a better variety of home cat breeds. 

Chausie cat
Chausie cat

The massive and athletic Chausie has a well-balanced physique with an extended, lean construct, a deep chest, and enormous tufted ears. They’re one of many largest domesticated cats and might weigh as much as 25 kilos and attain 22 inches in size. 

Chausies have numerous power. They like to play and be lively, and so they’re even recognized for performing like rambunctious kitties properly into maturity. 

Chausie Tabby cat in a sitting position over a black background.

Though they make affectionate and constant household pets, in accordance with a number of cat breed sources, they shouldn’t be trusted round young children. Their fashion of play may be too harmful for little children who don’t know methods to deal with animals correctly but.

6. Somali 

The Somali is a semi-long-haired cat breed with a playful nature. They particularly like to play with their human’s hair, together with beards and mustaches. Some breeds/homeowners joke that they’ve a “hairdresser gene.” Though this isn’t meant to trigger hurt, having a Somali’s claws swipe so near somebody’s face may be problematic. 

Somali Cat tabby ginger
Somali Cat

These cats don’t prefer to be left alone for lengthy durations of time. They’ve a robust need to work together and do higher in households with a number of folks or a number of cats. 

In the event that they’re not given correct consideration, they will show attention-seeking habits, like lashing out at their people, damaging habits round the home, or different mischievous conduct. 

7. American Wirehair 

The American Wirehair is a robust medium-sized cat breed with a muscular, well-rounded physique. They’ve a broad chest, thick legs, a robust neck, and a strong jaw. 

ginger american wire hair cat against white background
American Wire Hair Cat

Though this breed relishes consideration from its proprietor, they like to be on their very own phrases. They often don’t prefer to be picked up or carried, and in the event that they select to cuddle near you, they sometimes choose to be subsequent to you relatively than on high of you. 

American Wirehairs are unbiased cats who will tolerate being left alone. They love to do their very own factor and don’t want fixed human interplay. They do properly in single-family houses however also can live with a number of folks so long as they’ve an area of their very own to retire to once they want some downtime. 

8. Tortoiseshell Coloured Cat Breeds

Tortoiseshell just isn’t a cat breed however relatively a cat coat coloring. It’s named for its similarity to the looks of a tortoise shell. Some cat breeds that may show the tortoiseshell coloration embrace American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Ragamuffin, Persian, and Maine Coon

dark ginger maine coon cat stares are maine coon cats friendly
Maine Coon

A number of research, together with this one from Johnson City Press, have discovered that cats with ​​ tortoiseshell coat patterns are extra vulnerable to displaying aggression and difficult behaviors than different domesticated felines. And kittens usually tend to hiss, swat, scratch, and chunk throughout interactions with people. 

Cat laying down beside a colorful pillow.

9. Pixie-Bob

The Pixie-Bob breed is usually labeled a harmful cat due to its look. They resemble Bobcats, though DNA testing doesn’t detect any of those wild cats’ genes of their make-up. 

pixie bob cat
pixie bob cat

These massive and durable exotic-looking cats get pleasure from playtime and cuddle time with their homeowners. They’ve daring personalities and aren’t afraid to be vocal and communicate their thoughts. They’ll make chirping, chattering, or growling sounds. 

pixie bob cat
pixie bob cat

Pixie-Bobs do properly in virtually any setting. They make nice household cats, and so they additionally do properly with different cats, most canines, and strangers. 

10. Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Maus are a rare breed that’s small to medium in measurement. They’ve brief hair and are one of many few naturally noticed domesticated cat breeds. These felines have sturdy and muscular our bodies. They prefer to be lively and ought to be given loads of alternatives for train every day.

Two egyptian mau cats on a purple background perfect for egyptian cat names
Egyptian Mau Cats

So long as they’re correctly socialized at a younger age, Egyptian Maus are loving and affectionate. Nevertheless, in the event that they’re not launched to different cats and canines once they’re kittens, they will show aggression towards them. 

Egyptian mau cat
Egyptian mau cat

They are usually friendly with all members of their household, however they sometimes type a really shut bond with only one individual. 

11. Ocicat 

Ocicats are named for his or her resemblance to the wild Ocelot cat. Though they give the impression of being much like this wild cat, they share no DNA. Ocicats had been created by breeding Siamese, American Shorthair, and Abyssinian. 

ocicat cat breed
ocicat cat breed

Despite the fact that they may appear like wild animals, they’re usually pleasant, playful, and curious. On this case, their harmful fame is because of their look and never their actions. 

ocicat expensive cat breed

Like most cats, Ocicats have to obtain day by day enrichment. So long as their wants are being met, they sometimes don’t present aggression in direction of folks or different animals. 

12. Bombay

The Bombay cat was developed by breeding sable Burmese and black American Shorthairs. 

black traditional bombay cat on nuts background
Bombay Cat

They’ve brief hair, stocky our bodies, and heavy boning. Most of their options are spherical, together with their head, the guidelines of their ears, and their eyes. 

Bombay’s have a shiny black coat that makes them appear like mini panthers. Though they are usually relatively energetic and playful, that is one other breed that’s thought of harmful primarily based solely on their seems. 

black bombay cat

These black cats can play tough, however it’s often all in good enjoyable. In the event that they get bored, they will resort to damaging habits, however so long as they’re saved occupied with interactive cat toys and train, they make loveable household pets. 

13. Lykoi

By way of look, Lykoi cats are one of many weirdest cat breeds. With a wedge-shaped head, massive ears, piercing gold eyes, and a barely silver-colored coat, they bear a placing resemblance to a werewolf. 

Sitting Lykoi cat with yellow eyes over a white background.
Lykoi cat

As scary as they could look, Lykoi is definitely relatively candy. They’re affectionate, playful, and even-tempered. They are often extra reserved round strangers, however round their household, they’re lovable lap cats. 

black lykoi cat with brown paper bag

14. Donskoy

Though the Donskoy breed seems much like a Sphynx, they share no DNA. Nevertheless, each breeds have the gene that’s liable for hairlessness. Their look doesn’t do them any favors. Having a bald physique makes them look extra intimidating than they really are. 

donskoy cat white
donskoy cat white

Donskoys are extra harmful to different cats than to people. They’ve a selective angle towards different felines, and so they’re recognized to behave aggressively with out warning. This may vary from hissing and snarling to biting or swiping at them. 

donskoy cat
donskoy cat

15. Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are probably the most expensive cat breeds. They’re recognized for his or her attribute folded ears — therefore the title. That is one other cat that isn’t usually harmful — so long as they get its manner. 

Grey scottish fold cat face up close
Scottish Fold Cat

They are often temperamental, and it’s not unusual for them to type an in depth bond with just one member of the family. They’re usually delicate to vary and might show aggression when new cats or canines are launched to the house. To place it bluntly, they don’t prefer to share consideration. 

scottish fold cat against blue background
scottish fold cat

In the event that they’re raised with different pets from an early age, they’ll be extra accepting of them. 

Harmful Cat Breeds | Ultimate Ideas 

There you may have it, probably the most harmful cat breeds. However only a reminder, each cat is totally different and has its personal persona. It’s utterly attainable to personal a cat on this listing that’s candy, cuddly, and non-aggressive. 

Hopefully, this info has taught you a bit extra about cat behavior. And simply keep in mind, so long as you correctly care to your feline pals, their wild and doubtlessly harmful facet shouldn’t come out.

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