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Is your yard being destroyed by a digging canine? We’re right here to assist! 

Unpicking a pure canine conduct generally is a difficult job, as digging for probably the most half is simply what canines like to do. 

Habits like this must be instantly tackled, as a digging canine can rapidly rack up hundreds of {dollars} in injury. I’ve witnessed dismantled sprinkler methods, torn up sign wires, broken vegetation and bushes, and in some instances injury to the property itself. 

This information will train you the best way to appropriate a digging canine’s conduct and at last put an finish to your yard being destroyed. 

Let’s dig in! (Not actually…) 

What Are The Frequent Causes Of Why A Canine Is Digging? 

It is firstly essential to know the explanations behind why your canine is digging as a way to create the very best resolution. 

Beneath are a number of examples of situations the place a canine might dig, together with the the explanation why every sort of state of affairs might happen. 

For Enjoyable Or out of Boredom 

Usually, a canine will dig as a result of it offers them with the consolation of participating in a enjoyable exercise for stimulation. Digging up the identical spot again and again is a transparent signal that your canine is digging out of boredom, and generally is from the event of pent-up energy. 

Different canines dig to maintain their nails at manageable size inflicting them to return to the identical spot and frequently brush up their murals. 

To Escape 

Separation anxiousness is a standard trigger that outcomes from a canine digging in an try to flee and discover their proprietor. Non-spayed and non-neutered canines might attempt to escape out of pure intuition to roam in the hunt for a mate. 

Whereas different canines could also be merely looking for a extra snug place to settle, as the results of being both too sizzling or too chilly. 

Notice: A canine that’s digging to flee is a very completely different drawback and can must be addressed in a completely different way. 

Stress and Anxiousness 

A burdened or anxious canine can develop mischievous conduct because of shifting dwelling, assembly a brand new individual, altering in atmosphere, or being left dwelling alone. 

Many canines will show these feelings within the type of elevated barking, panting, extreme yawning, and in some situations, digging. 

To Hunt 

Different canines dig for function of looking small furry animals equivalent to gofers and moles. Canines can hear extraordinarily properly, and may typically hear prey from beneath floor stage.  

Digging to hunt might be simply recognized from the sample of how a canine digs. 

Every gap will be a part of as much as the opposite leading to extra of a tunnel or line-shaped sample, versus them digging straight down in a single spot.  


Some breeds are simply extra inclined to dig than others… 

For instance, breeds like terriers (together with terriers crossed with hounds) had been naturally bred to hunt and used for digging out quarry from their dens. 

So you probably have a yard full of gophers and different small animals, there is a good likelihood your canine will dig it up. 

Provides That You’ll Want To Practice A Canine To Cease Digging

The strategy or resolution you select will decide the potential provides you’re going to want. Select from one or all the following provides under to arrange for coaching your canine to cease digging. 

  • Lemon peel 
  • Deer repellent or cayenne pepper 
  • Hen Wire 
  • Dog Treats 

What Can You Do To Cease Your Canine From Digging Up The Yard? 

Listed here are 5 actionable methods you could lastly put an finish to your canine’s digging. 

Technique 1: Improve Their Stage Of Bodily And Psychological Train 

Digging takes up numerous vitality that could possibly be pent up in your canine, so tiring them out one other manner could possibly be a good way to probably cease digging. 

Going for lengthy walks, taking part in fetch, working, and climbing are all proactive ways to tire out a dog whereas making certain an elevated stage of stimulation. 

Professional Tip: In case you have not too long ago moved dwelling, modified associate, or reconstructed elements of your property, then recreating the pre-existing atmosphere could possibly be a good way for relieving a canine’s anxious outbursts. 

Technique 2: Restrict Or Prohibit The Areas They Can Go

Fencing a bit of the yard with rooster wire or giant plastic sheeting is a good way in stopping a canine from coming into particular areas.

And whereas this does not precisely cease the conduct, it might probably actually play a big function in discouraging a canine from the urge of needing to dig.  

Technique 3: File Your Canine’s Nails 

Have you ever ever heard a canine’s nails scratching towards the ground once they’re strolling? If that’s the case, then it’s most likely a superb time to file down their nails. 

Uncared for grooming will consequence within the pure urge for a canine to file down their nails, and with lengthy nails will come main digging, as digging tends to be extra enjoyable with greater claws. 

That stated, being a foul sport and chopping your canine’s nails will take away the enjoyable side, leaving them with paw pads to dig with (not so enjoyable). 

Technique 4: Fill Their Holes With Disagreeable Substances (A.Ok.A “The Poop Trick”) 

I am positive you have observed that canines “don’t” like taking part in in the identical locations they go to the lavatory. So we will use that practice of thought to work to our benefit. 

The following time your canine goes to the potty… take a few of their feces and easily place it into the holes they had been digging. 

Professional tip: Notice that you need to correctly cowl up the holes for this technique to be efficient, as most canines will merely push the poop out and proceed to dig as soon as once more.  

And whereas this won’t cease a canine from digging up different areas, it should most actually assist them to know that digging up the yard is ‘not’ one thing you want to them to do. 


Technique 5: Create A ‘dig pit’ In The Yard (a.ok.a ‘A digging Zone’)

This step works greatest after efficiently finishing up one of many above strategies. As creating a brand new space to dig is just not preventative however as an alternative redirecting the conduct. 

This implies you will want to be current when directing your canine from the outdated space (the place the unhealthy habits lay) to your newly chosen space (the place it’s very cool to dig). 

You’ll be able to talk this via instructions equivalent to “no” or “go away it” to allow them to know this isn’t the place you need them to dig. By following on with “observe me” or “come right here boy or lady” to indicate them the place the brand new spot will likely be. 

When you arrive within the new space it is time to loosen up the soil then begin digging your self.

This may encourage your canine to observe go well with and start digging too. A good way is to additionally add in treats and toys to allow them to know this can be a good place for having enjoyable. 

What Ought to You NOT Do When A Canine Is Digging? 

You shouldn’t put up up ready to your canine or startle them within the act. 

Nor must you punish them in any manner as this can be a surefire strategy to the worst response, particularly if they’re digging because of anxiousness. 

As an alternative, kind a plan that makes use of constructive reinforcement and the communication of instructions equivalent to “no”, “go away it”, or “no-dig” together with the steps listed above on this information. 

Closing Ideas  

It’s not enjoyable to have a canine digging up your yard… however with the precise coaching, it is no doubt, a conduct that may be dug into and corrected. 

In some instances, you may simply transfer the realm to a brand new spot they’ll dig, but when that is not an choice, then filling the holes with cayenne pepper, lemon peel, or deer repellent could possibly be a brief time period repair. 

Whatever the variety of instances you try at correcting this conduct, digging is a pure conduct for a canine to do. 

This implies you need to by no means punish a canine for this conduct, as an alternative, you need to attempt to perceive it as a way to take probably the most applicable plan of action for correction.   

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