The Siamese cat has been certainly one of humankind’s favourite pets for a lot of generations. Partially, it’s their unique heritage that pulls us to them. There’s additionally the truth that their trademark blue eyes are unimaginable to withstand. But, they’ve a popularity for being quirky. Specifically, they’re related to dangerous habits.

Stunning as they’re, Siamese cats have developed a popularity for being barely difficult to barter for his or her aggression. Some even describe them as “imply.” By that, they may perceive the Siamese cat personality as aggressive or standoffish, which is sadly considerably of a false impression.  However are Siamese cats imply?

In some instances, people merely interpret the cat as being unaffectionate and never serious about being cuddly and cute. The query at hand is: Is all this true? Let’s dig into the problem and perceive the Siamese a bit of higher. 

kitten-puppy are siamese cats mean
Picture by joy from Pixabay 

Are Siamese Cats Imply? Elements to Think about

1. What Do You Imply By “Imply”? 

To reply, we have to take a look at why these lovely cats have this popularity. Do we have to dig even deeper by asking what folks may imply by the phrase “imply”? Is it potential to develop an understanding of such a cat to situation it to be much less… “imply”?

By most peoples’ understanding, “imply” habits is characterised by aggressive or harmful habits that don’t appear to have a justification. Maybe it refers to a cat that merely bites you for no cause or randomly scratches you. 

In terms of cats, the habits appears much more amplified due to a cat’s pure facial expressions and demeanor. Once they misbehave, they appear to say, “What are you gonna do about it?” even of their best moments. 

Picture by Mari Loli from Pixabay

The reality is {that a} cat (like a human) wouldn’t be “imply” as a matter after all. Whereas some breeds are typically extra assertive or territorial, aggression is normally a results of some set off or underlying trigger. So far as we all know, there’s no cause to assume {that a} cat might be “imply” just because it chooses to be. 

We must also observe that not being overly affectionate doesn’t translate to meanness. Some cats don’t take pleasure in being cuddled or picked up. And that’s advantageous. 

2. Particular Conduct Traits

To a point, many of those components can apply to any cat. However the Siamese do are likely to show these acutely when they’re current. 


This cat’s beautiful blue eyes have a narrative to inform, it appears. Curiously, they’ve a particular genetic situation that seems to create visible abnormalities, reportedly with evening imaginative and prescient. This leads to disrupted pure physique rhythms (circadian rhythms, if you’ll) and sleep cycles.  

Siamese cats even have an odd disposition in terms of power. They have an inclination to peak power within the evenings and may get considerably energetic on the most inconvenient instances. The result’s that you just’ll have furry issues operating round your private home within the deepest sleep hours of the evening. 

chocolate point siamese cat

Separation Nervousness

Siameses are liable to endure separation anxiousness when they’re left on their very own for prolonged durations of time. When they’re bored or anxious, they might resort to habits we see as harmful. 

You’ll perceive what that is all about should you’ve seen a cat video of cats knocking issues off cabinets or scratching up an costly sofa. The Siamese are infamous for breaking issues, they usually appear to have a expertise for understanding what’s expensive.

It might assist to have a couple of Siamese cat (or different pets) in case you are away from residence for long durations of the day. Additionally, make time to play if you find yourself residence with some superior cat toys.  


Social Nervousness

A phrase to the smart; Siamese cats might wrestle should you convey a brand new pet into the house after they’ve already been there for some time. Siamese cats are very territorial and will likely be most comfy understanding who’s who and what belongs to whom in the home. 

A disruption to this order might set off aggressive habits, particularly to the brand new arrival, whether or not an individual or animal. When you intend to have extra pets, it’s higher to undertake all of them as kittens and pups — and on the identical time, if potential. 

Failing that risk, a correct and managed introduction methodology needs to be employed.

Two Siamese cats with their faces close to each other.

3. Siamese and Affection

Siamese cats are affectionate to a fault. Their affection and love play a component in why some folks really feel they’re imply. They have an inclination to need a variety of consideration, and when it isn’t given, they might act out. 

They will grow to be fairly jealous when your consideration is taken away. Make sure that to make use of endurance and allow them to management the interplay to determine boundaries. It would additionally assist to keep in mind that your cat loves you and easily desires to really feel such as you love them in return. 

These cats are very vocal about their desires, and your Siamese might meow at you at any time when they should. Chances are high you’ll know when there’s an issue. 

Blue-eyed chocolate point Siamese cat slouching while stating at the camera.

4. Are Siameses Problematic? 

Siamese cats aren’t any extra problematic than every other cat or pet when contemplating all of the potential components that create their character. With a deeper understanding of causes and cures, virtually any pet could be taught to be a totally practical member of the household. 

5. Are Siamese Cats Aggressive? 

Siamese cats are liable to what could be known as “redirected aggression.” It’s a results of plenty of breed character traits colliding to kind behaviors we would think about “mean” or aggressive. Siamese cats, as a breed, are typically extra liable to stress than most different breeds.

However in fact, this isn’t current in all Siamese, and particular person cats will likely be extra predisposed than others. What we do know is that they are often delicate to sure conditions. For instance, they don’t like adjustments to their surroundings and routines. They’re additionally cautious of strangers and different animals and wrestle greater than different cats to regulate to those issues. 

Additionally they appear extra possessive than most different cat breeds. So they might grow to be jealous in a means in case your affections and a spotlight appear to be centered elsewhere for too lengthy. And their appearing out could appear to us like aggression. 

Picture by Mari Loli from Pixabay 

6. The Cat’s Historical past

The next applies to all cats, actually. Cats who’ve suffered some form of trauma or had been feral, usually tend to have issue adjusting to comfy, clean residence life. In case your Siamese has some form of historical past that implies this, it’s not shocking to seek out it appearing aggressively or standoffish.

Not all aggression is equal, both. A cat might act aggressively in the direction of different pets however be advantageous with people, and vice versa. The underside line is that cats are very cognitive of their previous experiences. 

They have an inclination to recollect dangerous experiences strongly, and it may be tough to recondition them after such an occasion. If in any respect potential, it’ll take time and a variety of endurance. It could possibly generally take years to get them to belief you. And, even then, that belief might not lengthen to others. 

Old style Siamese cat.
previous model siamese cat

7. Well being Issues

Sure well being points may additionally contribute to behavioral traits that aren’t “social” or superb from a character perspective. For instance, a wonderfully regular or surprising hormone change can have an effect on character.

This may increasingly manifest as a bolt of aggression all of a sudden rearing its head. Different harmful habits may additionally come up. Our cat might cease consuming, begin scratching up the furnishings, or just need to be left alone. Since you might not be conscious of what’s happening or when it’ll occur, it’s finest to pay attention to any sudden adjustments in character.

Cats react to harm or bodily adjustments in odd methods. Have a phrase with a vet if the habits is especially problematic. A routine well being checkup might reveal the trigger. Bear in thoughts that some circumstances might must be managed relatively than cured outright.

Picture by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

3 Ideas for Dealing With Undesirable Conduct

It’s tempting, particularly for inexperienced house owners, to need to confront the state of affairs and the cat with power of will or disciplinary motion. However consider the consultants; there’s no strategy to win a battle of wills with a cat, a lot much less a Siamese. 

It’s much more prudent to method the state of affairs “scientifically.” You stand a greater probability of fixing an issue should you take a while to research and perceive the issue, which on this case, is aggressive or imply habits. 

1. Figuring out Triggering Elements

Suppose you discover that your cat is inconsistently appearing in aggressive methods or in particular conditions. You may need to take a look at whether or not there are triggering components. For instance, in case your cat is barely imply to you or a particular particular person or different pet, likelihood is that one thing particular is triggering them.

The set off could be simply identifiable. It might be one thing like a facet of your habits, for instance. It may also be one thing much less apparent, like a scent on you or your clothes. They could additionally harbor a reminiscence of one thing you or somebody such as you did to them up to now. By no means let or not it’s stated that cats don’t maintain a grudge.

Brownish Siamese cat walking while its tail is pointed upwards.

In case you are considered a menace, you’ll doubtless not be met in a friendly means. Siameses, particularly, appear to be robust to win over with belief as soon as it has been damaged.

Likewise, in case your cat is nervous and anxious round meals, for instance, it may inform a potential trigger. Some cats are very nervous about strangers visiting your home. The sound of employees, visitors, or fireworks outdoors can all be triggering. 

2. Protected Areas

If there’s a basic distinction between a cat and canine character, it’s that cats determine after they need to be social. Canine, in the meantime, appear simply to like being round folks typically. Cats wish to be on their very own generally. On the very least, they like to decide on when to point out any trace that they discover you. Additionally they wish to have “protected areas.”

Because of this it’s all the time a good suggestion to supply an area in your house that no different pet can get to. Cats like excessive areas, which makes cat tree a must have for any good residence. 

lynx point siamese in chair

A small crawl area can be a good suggestion for a nervous cat; someplace they’ll retreat to if one thing startles them. Cats will discover a home and grow to be acquainted with escape routes. Present one or two if potential. 

A protected, safe area is vital for an additional cause. If a cat turns into outwardly aggressive by way of concern response or in any other case, place it in a quiet room separate from different pets and folks. By itself, will probably be capable of calm down and relax with out different bodily triggers to cope with. 

3. Optimistic Reinforcement Strategies

As talked about, endurance is a invaluable high quality to have as a cat proprietor, particularly for the Siamese. When a Siamese has displayed behavior that’s undesirable, the method to take is that of positive reinforcement

You shouldn’t power a cat to do something it doesn’t need to. This can doubtless make it worse. Let a cat take its time to construct belief. Let it come to you. You’ll be able to encourage them with treats and so forth, however know that if it doesn’t need to sit with you, it gained’t. 

Likewise, don’t punish your cat for dangerous habits. Siamese cats don’t reply nicely to punishment, as they think about you as an equal and never an “proprietor” per se.

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Picture by liliy2025 from Pixabay

A Few Recommendations on Routine

As famous earlier, Siameses, particularly, take pleasure in routines and stability. If you don’t already think about establishing the next routines:

Play Frequently: Your cat has numerous power to burn and can profit from a every day bout of play with you. It’s additionally nice for bonding and connecting optimistic emotions together with your presence. 

Provide toys and activities: Cats are brainy and curious and are stimulated by puzzle toys and intriguing objects.

Present optimistic introductions: When guests or relations have to be launched, attempt to keep a optimistic temper and pay your cat consideration within the course of. It would assist them to really feel part of the proceedings. 

Set feeding schedule: Feed your cat at set instances and in set areas, and follow a daily grooming schedule. On that observe, as soon as used to it, a Siamese cat will take pleasure in a grooming session with you.

Closeup angle of an Apple-head Siamese cat sitting and looking down on something.
applehead siamese cat

Ultimate Ideas on Whether or not Siamese Cats Are Imply

Any cat (or human, for that matter) isn’t born imply. If a cat is overly aggressive or delinquent in any means, it’s doubtless due to historical past or a situation that’s current. 

It might be true {that a} Siamese cat has a robust character as a breed trait. However it’s in the end a domesticated cat that, typically, ought to be capable of get alongside in your house simply advantageous. 

What’s vital to know and think about is what to do in a given state of affairs. As detailed right here, it will assist to know the underlying reason behind such habits in your cat. From that time, it’s theoretically simpler to attempt to handle the state of affairs. In lots of instances, the cat could be socialized into higher habits. 

Blue point and lilac point Siamese cats.
blue level and lilac level siamese cats

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