Everybody loves Siamese cats—they’re pleasant, loyal, sociable, energetic, and tremendous intelligent. These lovable cats even have a particular, sought-after look that units them aside from different breeds. 

They’ve a definite persona that makes these beauties much more particular. They function an ideal darkish face flawlessly merged into an off-white furry coat. In addition they possess a well-known and charming pair of blue eyes. 

If you undertake a brand new cat, you by no means count on your cat’s fur to alter in shade—you count on the coat shade of your cat to remain the identical all through his whole life, however as odd because it may appear, that is not the case in Siamese cats! Do Siamese cats fur change shade?

Learn on as we cowl every part it’s good to know concerning the furry coat of Siamese cats! 

Blue point and lilac point Siamese cats do siamese cats fur change color
blue level and lilac level siamese cats

Siamese Cat’s 4 Completely different Coat Colours

A Siamese cat‘s factors turn out to be darker because the temperature rises, and the precise shade that manifests is decided by genetic coding. The 4 colours in purebred Siamese cats are chocolate point, lilac point, blue level, and seal level.

Cinnamon, lynx, caramel, fawn, tortoiseshell, cream, apricot, tabby, and crimson are extra level colours which might be the result of breeding applications.

Blue-eyed chocolate point Siamese cat lying on the floor.
chocolate level siamese cat.

Need to be taught extra concerning the fascinating colours of Siamese cats? Then it is best to test our complete article concerning the 13 Most Popular Siamese Cat Colors!

Do Siamese Cats Fur Change Colours? 6 Elements

The easy reply to this query is sure. There are six elements that can affect how the colour of your siamese cat’s fur adjustments.

1. Physique Temperature

The temperature of a Siamese cat’s pores and skin immediately impacts the colour of its coat. For instance, if the climate is heat, Siamese can higher preserve the pale shade of its coat. The white shade of Siamese kittens thus is sensible as a result of these little beauties spend 9 weeks rising of their mommy’s heat womb. The fur of Siamese cats stays white at a temperature of 101⁰ F.

A Siamese kitten‘s coat begins to alter shade at its extremities when it’s one week previous since these areas are normally cooler. The colour of their face, ears, tail, and legs begin to change as their pores and skin temperature drops beneath 98 °F.

White Lilac point Siamese kitten with its tail pointed up while looking up at something.

Whereas temperature impacts shade depth, genetics determines the colour itself. The Himalayan gene, which stops melanin manufacturing at temperatures exceeding 98 °F, regulates the colour change in Siamese cats. 

An enzymatic coat shade change that solely happens when the pores and skin temperature drops beneath 98 F is suppressed by warmth. Thus, the extremities develop darker every week after beginning whereas the physique and neck stay white.

2. Change of Season

Siamese cats shed their winter undercoat in spring for a brand new coat to develop. Cats that live in sizzling areas with their house owners are likely to have lighter summer season coats as a result of excessive temperatures.

On the opposite hand, the winter coat of Siamese cats seems in fall, and Siamese cats that dwell in colder areas with their house owners are likely to have darker coats as a result of low temperatures. 

siamese-table do siamese cats shed

Your Siamese cat will seem darker throughout winter, and because the climate warms up, it should seem lighter—that is simply the way it works! 

Anticipate your Siamese cat to look darker for roughly 5 months in the course of the 12 months, that means that in about half of the 12 months, the coat of your Siamese cat will seem darker than it initially was. Nonetheless, this is determined by the local weather you and your cat dwell in and your cat itself as a result of not all Siamese cats change shade the identical.

3. Daylight Publicity

The Siamese cat differs from others as a result of it enjoys basking within the solar’s heat. In case your Siamese cat’s factors are overexposed to the daylight, chances are you’ll discover that a few of its black furs flip reddish-brown. This additionally occurs to people when the solar bleaches out the colour of our hair

Blue-eyed chocolate point Siamese cat staring at the camera.

However that doesn’t imply that Siamese cats that prefer to bask within the solar are the one ones susceptible to paint change. In case your Siamese cat ceaselessly lays by the window, the solar can nonetheless brighten his furry coat via the glass. 

4. Well being Points

If there’s a disruption to the tyrosine metabolism of Siamese cats, the manufacturing of melanin is considerably altered. A Siamese cat’s lighter-colored fur is one indication (however not the one one) that its tyrosine metabolism is dysfunctional.

Cats usually require twice as a lot phenylalanine and tyrosine to generate the common darkish shade—a discount in these amino acids ends in a lighter shade.

Two Siamese cats with their faces close to each other.

5. Imbalanced Weight loss program

Any cat’s diet impacts how he seems to be outdoors, and Siamese cats are not any exception. Regular tyrosine ranges are necessary for the physique of your Siamese cat to provide the specified quantity of melanin. The cat’s coat turns rusty when there isn’t sufficient within the physique. 

The easiest way to maintain the tyrosine ranges of your cat balanced is to feed him high-quality cat meals, or you possibly can put together it your self with love in your cat, however be certain that to follow the rules prescribed by your vet to a tee. Your Siamese cat’s meals ought to include all the mandatory nutritional vitamins, minerals, fat, carbs, and proteins to make sure that he modifies shade usually.

Brownish Siamese cat walking while its tail is pointed upwards.

6. Age

The colour of your Siamese cat may change as he ages. Siamese cats are born with a sure shade that stays all through maturity, but it surely may change somewhat bit as they grow old. 

You might be shocked that Siamese regularly develops grey hairs with age like people. However it could be exhausting to note them in case your Siamese cat has a fluffy white coat! These are tough to see in your Siamese’s physique however are a lot simpler to see on his face. 

siamese-ears why are my cat's ears hot

White additionally seems in your cat’s snout, which is frequent amongst all cats, particularly Siamese cats. In contrast to people, Siamese cats don’t normally flip fully white—you possibly can solely see some hairs that lose their pigment whereas others don’t. 

FAQs about Siamese Cat Fur Altering Shade

How Does My Siamese Cat Get Darker with Age?

Whereas it sounds uncommon, the coat of a Siamese cat can get darker as a substitute of lighter as they age. However it makes quite a lot of sense. Allow us to clarify.
As a result of there’s much less blood move, Siamese cats flip darker as their physique temperature drops. This happens particularly the place seal-point Siamese cats are darker, such because the tail, ears, and snout.

When Do Siamese Cats Cease Altering Shade?

You’d be completely shocked to be taught that Siamese cats maintain altering shade all through their whole life! That is just because the Himalayan gene retains doing its magic from the second they’re born till its life ends. That is additionally the explanation why the Thai breed turns into darker each month.

Can I do something about my Siamese Cat’s fur altering shade?

Whereas the getting old means of your Siamese cat can’t be reversed, you continue to have management over different parts like your cat’s food regimen. You wish to present your Siamese cat with all of the vitamins it wants to remain wholesome and never abnormally change shade. You additionally need skilled assist to make sure that your cat doesn’t have any of the well being points talked about above. 
Lastly, you possibly can restrict your Siamese cat’s publicity to daylight. However aside from that, let your Siamese cat be a Siamese cat! 

flame point siamese looking at camera

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