Ugh! Whose flip is it to scrub the litter field? Regardless of loving our cats, we do not need to get near the cat litter field. The issue, nonetheless, is that the disagreeable odor of cat urine is beginning to grow to be noticeable everytime you enter the home or stroll previous the laundry the place Fluffy does its enterprise.

Do not blame the cat. The fault lies with you. As an alternative of feeling responsible for neglecting the cat’s litter field, get a trash bag and grow to be a great cat proprietor.

However there’s a secret that makes changing cat litter a pleasanter chore– should you make it a behavior and by no means break the routine. So answering how usually to switch cat litter will inform you to vary cat litter with recent litter each two to 4 weeks. Nonetheless, it’s important to scoop the droppings day by day. There isn’t any different method round it!

Now it is your flip to offer a clear litter field to make a cat joyful.

What’s in Cat Litter and How Does It Work?

We practice our cats to make use of litter bins, and even new rescue kittens are surprisingly fast at choosing up the behavior. Then we step by step neglect our litter field upkeep hoping that by some Cat-God miracle, the clumping cat litter and ugly odors will miraculously vanish.

Go to any grocery store, pet provide retailer, or low cost retailer, and there are 100 choices for cat litter bins, litter manufacturers, and kinds of litter:

  • Clay litter
  • Silica gel litter
  • Biodegradable litter
  • Clumping litters
  • Pine litter
  • Wheat, grass, corn, walnut shell litter
  • Paper litter
  • Low cost litter

Cat Litter Sorts Outlined

Cats are finicky, however most, until they’ve a extreme sensitivity to a selected kind, will go along with clear types of clumping litter. Discovering a litter that’s simple for your loved ones takes some experimenting. In any other case, it could actually get messy, and the very last thing anybody desires is a path of kitty litter all through the home.

Bentonite Clay

This conventional clay clumping cat litter types into clumps or pucks when moistened. It additionally helps to soak up and lure litter field smells. It is simple to scoop and eliminate within the litter field. The draw back is that it isn’t nice for the surroundings.

Non-Clumping Litter (Clay)

No shock, it does not clump or take up odors. Usually baking soda and charcoal are components to assist with odor, requiring frequent litter field cleansing. It is messy to scoop from litter bins.

Silica Litter

Silica, typically often called crystal litter, is made up of quartz sand and is superb at binding massive quantities of liquid within the litter field whereas additionally neutralizing odor. It is also much less dusty and clumps for simpler scooping.

Biodegradable Cat Litter

Because the identify suggests, it is an environmentally-friendly cat litter format comprised of recycled paper or sustainable plant materials. It is horrible at clumping, nevertheless it absorbs liquid urine effectively and helps to maintain the litter field clear. It is also a more sensible choice for delicate paws. This class consists of walnut, grass, corn, and pine litter.

Low cost Litter

Low cost clay litter is irritating and a waste of cash, even when it’s important to fill a number of litter bins. It makes scooping detestable, and the cat carries the kernels all around the home.

Your feline pal does not care concerning the model or the sort. It cares about doing its rest room habits in a clear cat’s litter field. If these wants are unmet, your cat would possibly use the laundry basket or the costly Indian rug as a cat field. Appropriate litter paired with the very best automated litter bins is advantageous to cats and cat homeowners.

Significance of Changing Cat Litter

Foremost, changing litter is hygienic for the whole household. Who desires the poor cat to do its enterprise in a dirty field solely to hold soiled kernels to its snuggle mattress, figuring out what these paws walked over? Change the litter often if a couple of cat shares a field to keep away from the litter field scent.

An inventory of potential illnesses should you do not clear litter utterly:

  • Cat-scratch illness is a bacterial an infection affecting adults and kids with weak immune methods.
  • Salmonella impacts the cat, then infects folks with diarrhea, fever, and abdomen ache, and might result in hospitalization.
  • Cat pee omits a poisonous fuel known as ammonia which is dangerous and might trigger bronchial asthma assaults and even pneumonia.
  • Roundworms are nasty parasites that cross onto people and result in diarrhea, weight reduction, nausea, and extra. Name your vet and physician.

Cats are clear animals. In case you do not clear the litter field, your cat is strolling traces of poo and pee all by means of the home.

Indicators That Point out It is Time to Change the Cat Litter

Let your nostril be your information. A clear litter field does not scent. An offputting scent is a certain signal of a unclean litter tray. As a rule of thumb, the variety of cats ought to dictate what number of litter bins you want, although some cats share should you persistently scoop the litter tray.

Cats’ Habits

Cats are improbable communicators. They inform us once they’re joyful and dislike one thing and go away us clues or tokens of appreciation. In case you’re not frequently cleansing the litter field, your cat will sign clear directions to vary cat litter.

Cat pee is notoriously difficult to get out of carpets and tender materials like cushions and sofas. Decoding your cat’s behavior would possibly get tough should you’re not listening to their calls for.

Litter Kind

It is by no means been simpler coping with kitty litter or cleansing the field. There are such a lot of great and useful devices available on the market there’s actually no excuse for not altering the litter.

The kind of litter you purchase will direct how usually you want to clear and disinfect the litter field. A greater high quality product means much less time spent scrubbing a unclean litter field.

Nonetheless, some cats have distinctive rest room calls for, and diabetic cats would possibly urinate extra often.

Variety of Containers

Cats demand their very own litter field so they do not should share with Felix, Morris, and Puss in Boots. In case you’re restricted on house and have a couple of cat, an automated self-cleaning field is an effective different.

Good recommendation is to have one litter field per cat. In case you dwell in a big home, be certain that a cat litter field is well accessible from wherever in the home. In case you have the house, 4 litter bins per three cats for odor management 🙂


Cat urine tends to construct momentum should you do not clear it day by day. The unmistakable ammonia scent sends warning bells that it is time to change cat litter extra often. Though they are not very environmentally pleasant, some folks have good luck with litter field liners.

Variety of Cats

One field per cat is the rule. Some cats do not thoughts sharing, however be cognisant about cleansing all through the day. And simply because they did not thoughts sharing earlier than, the dynamics can change shortly.

Learn how to Clear a Litter Field and What Merchandise to Use?

The key to cleansing a litter field is to kind a routine and bi-monthly or month-to-month upkeep. The primary factor is to scrub it often. Pregnant girls ought to use excessive warning when dealing with cat litter.

Conventional litter bins are simple to scrub. In case you sustain the day by day routine, it is not that offensive. Self-cleaning litter bins are the cat’s meow, however you have to take out the waste and educate the cat about utilizing the litter field.

Belongings you want for the cleansing course of

  • Gloves
  • Garbage can and bag
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Recent litter
  • Dishsoap or a light answer of bleach disinfectant* or a splash of rubbing alcohol to sterilize, or vinegar
  • Entry to water
  • Entry to dump
  • Paper towel

Do not do that

  • Dump any kitty litter down the bathroom (until your greatest pal is a plumber).
  • Do not use “extra is healthier” with bleach. A number of drops are sufficient.
  • Do not use harsh cleansing chemical compounds, as cats are very delicate to smells.

Eliminate the previous litter and wipe any residual particles off; wash the tray outdoors or with a bucket and disposable cloths. You possibly can at all times wash it on the wand automotive wash and use the identical litter field once more. Disinfect, however do not use extremely scented merchandise. Dry completely and fill with clear litter.

In case you’re uninterested in cleansing the standard litter pan and the day by day repairs, strive a automatic self-cleaning litter boxes, supplied your cat is comfy utilizing these amenities.

Learn how to Change Litter Containers

Keep in mind that cats talk, they usually do not immediately adapt. Some cats will ship you a transparent sign once they do not like the brand new system should you not too long ago modified the field, litter, or location. It is best to pay attention; it isn’t an argument you will win. A certain signal that the cat is not utilizing the alternative litter field is that there is no deposit.

If you wish to improve to an automated litter field, do it in steps. Place it the place the previous system is however permit the cat the choice to go to the previous latrine. Progressively transfer the previous field additional away.

Some folks have luck with attractive the cat into the brand new litter system with cat nip. Permit the cat time to regulate, and by no means flip the waste elimination on till the cat is comfy.

Learn how to Cease Cat Litter From Smelling

You possibly can’t masks the scent with fancy air fresheners, however not for lengthy. The key to stopping cat litter from smelling is diligently scooping moist and dry waste. Have a routine, and take away it greater than as soon as a day in case your cat goes often or you could have a number of cats.

One other tip is to get your kitten educated in an automated litter field. Use top-quality conventional clay litter or biodegradable merchandise. Cleansing the litter field day by day can also be a good way to carry out a well being test in your cat. In case you have a routine, you will see modifications in your cat’s rest room habits which might typically point out issues.


Kittens are usually simpler to bathroom practice, and it is a good way to introduce them to automated litter bins instantly. Most cats use the litter field and clumping litter with out issues. Clumping litters assist the house scent recent should you change the litter usually.

By no means spring drastic modifications in your cat, and respect their want for a clear facility with privateness. They do not want the canine watching once they do their factor. 

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