Spending most of your day snoozing gently in a heat beam of daylight with a full stomach and the occasional head scratch as your human walks by — ah, the lifetime of a home cat is wonderful.

However there are situations the place your cat could also be sleeping too a lot. And sure, an excessive amount of sleep is usually a unhealthy factor. Even when they do cute issues like cover their little faces or twitch while they slumber

So is it regular for a cat to sleep all day, or do you have to be anxious? Earlier than you get too involved about your snoozy Suzy, let’s take a better look. 

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How A lot Ought to a Cat Sleep In the course of the Day?

Genetically cats are predisposed to be creatures of the evening. They’ve glorious low-light imaginative and prescient, and that’s after they’re most lively. They hunt nocturnally, particularly in case your kitty is left to roam outside in the course of the wee hours. 

Even when your furbaby is the final word indoor cat, they’re prone to be awake throughout these darkish hours when the evening reigns supreme due to instinctual habits. For this reason they should spend a great portion of the daytime sleeping in preparation for his or her nighttime antics. 

Senior cats and kittens usually sleep 18 hours or extra, however the common for grownup cats is 12 – 16 hours a day. The opposite eight hours or so are cut up between grooming, exploring, observing, enjoying, eating, and taking good care of their feline enterprise.  

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Most Home Cats are Crepuscular

Although they nonetheless have nocturnal instincts deep inside their genetics, home cats usually tend to be crepuscular. That’s, they’re most lively at daybreak and nightfall and really handle to catch some z’s in the course of the evening. 

This can be a realized habits that’s mainly a compromise between their nocturnal inclinations and their people’ lack of availability in the course of the late evening and early morning. Consider it because the cat equal of zoomies.  


Is it Regular for a Cat to Sleep All Day? 10 Causes Why a Cat May Sleep Greater than Traditional

Though it’s fully regular for cats to sleep for lengthy intervals, you would possibly discover your fairly kitty is sleeping much more than normal. And it may doubtlessly be a trigger for concern. Listed here are the highest the explanation why your cat would begin sleeping an excessive amount of:

1. They’re Not Getting High quality Sleep

Plenty of the time if you see your fave feline in a cat nap, it’s simply that — a nap. They don’t enter a state of deep sleep fairly often as a result of 75% of the time they’re solely sleeping frivolously and nonetheless barely on alert. It’s their method of conserving vitality for when prey, meals, or a menace out of the blue presents itself. 

siberian tabby sleeping

2. They’re Not as Younger as They Have been

Sadly all pets become old, and with age comes the crucial to sleep extra usually. 18 – 20 hours a day isn’t uncommon, but when they’re nonetheless preserving to their normal antics whereas awake, there ought to be no trigger for concern. 

You would possibly discover that they now not prowl after they normally do, or are searching for out your consideration much less when awake. On this case, it could be a good suggestion to pop to the vet to get that lethargy checked out. 

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3. They’re Bored

Cats which might be bored or burdened sleep greater than the same old 12 – 16 hours a day. They might want a extra partaking surroundings, particularly if left residence alone lots. Attempt to put aside some each day playtime along with your furry pal, and put money into some interactive toys like scratch posts and automatic laser toys to maintain them entertained. 

cat-in-box-sleeping-curled-up why do cats sleep in a ball

4. They Is likely to be Overweight

A chubby cat shall be extra inclined to nap the day away. An absence of train and an imbalanced weight loss program make for a foul mixture in the case of weight management. A lean, protein-rich weight loss program fed three to 4 small meals a day is right. 

Should you work away from residence or are gone for lengthy intervals, don’t pass over a giant bowl of meals they may overeat out of boredom. An automatic feeder that doles out regulated parts at timed intervals is a lifesaver on this state of affairs.  

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5. They’re Depressed

Sure, your treasured pussycat can get depressed, too. They could lose their urge for food, sleep extra usually, and keep away from you. It usually outcomes from an underlying sickness quite than a psychological well being situation, so for those who discover these signs in your kitty, it’s time for a visit to the vet to see what’s ailing them.

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6. Unhealthy Climate

Simply as a lot because the rain makes us need to cuddle beneath heat blankets and catch 40 winks, it has an analogous impact in your cat. Within the winter months or wet season, they could be extra inclined to longer, extra frequent cat naps. The decrease quantity of daylight on stormy days kicks in these sleepy feels. 

Tabby cat sleeping on its side on the wooden bench.

7. They’ve a Viral or Bacterial An infection

When a physique is combating off an an infection, sleep is a obligatory requirement. Viruses and micro organism will be picked up surprisingly simply from contaminated meals, wounds, or interplay with different sick animals. 

Lethargy and fatigue are widespread signs, however there are sometimes different signs that may enable you understand they’re sick and wish a vet. 

Frequent viruses are feline herpes, feline distemper, and feline immunodeficiency virus, whereas widespread bacterias embrace salmonella, bordetella, e.coli, and clostridia. 

Ginger cat sleeping in a curled up position on the floor.

8. They Have Diabetes

Diabetes is pretty common amongst cats, and one of many notable signs is lethargy and additional cat naps. Others embrace lack of urge for food, vomiting, weight reduction, and dehydration, so you’d positively discover. A strict weight loss program must be enforced to assist steadiness their blood sugars, however it is best to focus on one of the simplest ways ahead along with your vet.

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9. It Might Be Arthritis  

In case your older cat isn’t merely giving into their naturally longer sleep schedule from their senior age, it could possibly be that they’ve arthritis. It’s a degenerative joint illness that causes irritation and ache within the joints, making them much less inclined to maneuver. 

It may be extra comfy to remain of their curled-up cat nap than attempt to rise up. Communicate to your vet for those who’re involved this could possibly be the reason for your older cat’s extreme sleeping habits for some ache options. 

Sleeping young man with fluffy red cat

10. Poisoning

Toxic plants and substances are hazardous for pets, particularly in the event that they roam outside. Sleeping much more than normal is only one potential signal that your kitty has inhaled or ingested one thing toxic. 

However there can be extra extreme signs, equivalent to problem respiration, vomiting, diarrhea, and the even presence of blood in each of those. The vet is your solely (and rapid) choice on this case. 

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Can I Change My Cat’s Sleeping Routine?

It’s doable to encourage your kitty to sleep extra at evening and fewer in the course of the day if you wish to work together with them extra throughout affordable hours. Listed here are some methods you may encourage a peaceable evening’s sleep. 

1. Early Night Train

Principally, simply tire the little man out by beginning some intense play earlier than bedtime. Cat wands and lasers are an effective way to do that with out getting exhausted your self. After a great play session, they’ll normally be able to wind down for a nap. 

2. Feed the Greatest Meal Earlier than Mattress

After they’ve had their playtime however earlier than they get too sleepy, give them a pleasant massive dinner in accordance with a balanced weight loss program. This implies they’ll be much less inclined to wake you up with a hungry stomach in the midst of the evening. 


3. Ignore Them

They’ll rise up to shenanigans at evening if that’s what they’re used to, however it’s necessary to disregard them. Reacting to their habits will solely give them an incentive to hold on with it. Should you confine them to a separate a part of the home the place there isn’t a lot for them to do, they’ll get bored and nod off. 

Is it Regular for a Cat to Sleep All Day | Wrapped Up

So, there you go. Cats like to nap to allow them to actually be ready for something — it’s of their DNA, mainly. 

However there are specific instances when an excessive amount of sleep signifies an underlying downside. So hold an eye in your kitty, and for those who discover their sleeping patterns altering, greatest to go to the vet for a check-up to be on the secure facet. 

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