The Savannah and Bengal cat breeds share a whole lot of widespread traits. For one factor, they each have ancestry immediately linked to wild variations of cats. The Savannah and Bengal are partly bred from the Serval and Asian Leopard Cat respectively.

Each of those lovely cats have discovered followers amongst cat house owners, though some new house owners typically confuse the 2. What are the variations between the 2 breeds? There are some important ones, many referring to their look.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the Savannah Cat vs Bengal Cat debate.  

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The Tail of the Tape: Fundamental Stats

Each cats are very straightforward to socialize with different animals and folks. Right here is the fundamental comparability when it comes to the 4 most typical components house owners think about when getting one in all these cats.


A Bengal is, on common, lighter than its Savannah counterpart, and is comparatively the identical measurement when it comes to peak. 

Peak: 17-22 inches

Weight: 8-17 kilos

Lifespan: 10-16 years

Grooming wants: Reasonable

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Bengal cat in pink harness.


Savannahs want much less consideration when it comes to grooming, although in addition they can live longer.

Peak: 17-22 inches

Weight: 12-25 kilos

Lifespan: 12-20 years

Grooming wants: Minimal

Tabby Savannah cat against white background
Savannah Cat

The Bengal Background

The story of the Bengal cat is each unique and thrilling. The breed developed on account of the cross-breeding of an Asian Leopard Cat with one other home breed. The Asian Leopard breed was extremely sought-after for its fur and unique coloring, and have been really saved from extinction within the Sixties.

A breeder named Jean Mill undertook to breed a hybrid, ensuing within the superb Bengal. The Bengal was formally given championship standing in 1991, and acknowledged by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 2016. Their coats are patterned in colours that aren’t in contrast to that of a leopard with just a few tiger stripes added in for impact. 


Picture by Lifeatthesharpend

The Savannah Story

The Savannah is a breed that resulted from the crossing of a home cat (a Siamese breed, allegedly) and a serval, which is a small to medium wild cat from Africa. Servals have lengthy slender our bodies and are fairly unique cats, even within the wild. They’re noticed, and the sample makes them lovely to take a look at. 

Servals have large ears and comparatively small heads however are smooth and athletic. The International Cat Association registered the Savannah breed in 2001. In contrast to the serval, they’ve massive ears and are comparatively heavy for home cats. Savannahs are usually noticed with rings round their tails

savannah cat full body

Savannah Cat vs Bengal Cat: Key Attribute Variations

Though these cats are related in some ways, they’re distinctly completely different in different methods, too. They do share a number of related persona traits, however their origins and ancestry have imbued them with some very completely different options to notice. 


The best option to inform the distinction between a Bengal and Savannah cat is of their look. The patterns of the coat, specifically, are telling. There are additionally notable variations within the form of the ears and head and another facets of the physique. 

savannah cat vs bengal cat

Picture by Irina from Pixabay 


The Bengal is the smaller of the 2 breeds. That’s as a result of Asian Leopard Cats are additionally smaller than servals. The sample on the coat will be described as rosettes, just like the “rings” discovered on a leopard coat. Some cats even have a swirling sample of their fur, known as marbling.

Bengals have massive ears and comparatively small heads. Their our bodies are well-proportioned and fairly muscular. Their entrance legs are shorter than their hind legs, making them all the time able to pounce from a seemingly crouched place.

Bengals usually are available in brown, snow, and silver coloring. A really rare variation is the blue coloration. Discovering one in all these is a deal with. Greater than doubtless, it won’t be on the market.

Bengal cat with its back arched.
Bengal cat


Savannahs rank among the many largest breeds of home cats, partly due to their weight but additionally as a result of they’ll develop as much as 18 inches in peak. That’s as massive as some medium-sized canine. Additionally they appear to have the persona to match.

Their lengthy necks appear designed to allow the cat to go searching their setting effortlessly. Certainly, the slender construct suggests an professional prey-hunter. Even their large ears harken again to open savanna stalking, the place sound is as necessary as imaginative and prescient.

The serval is a bigger wild cat than an Asian Wild Cat. Its physique can also be longer, which displays within the Savannah breed. Savannah coat patterns have spots that dot the principle space of the physique. They might even be barely elongated spots that appear like stripes across the neck and head space. Savannahs are available in a number of colours, notably brown noticed tabby, black, and black smoke.


Picture by way of Stockvault

Character & Exercise

Each breeds appear to inherit a whole lot of power from their ancestral breeds. They require numerous train or house to roam as a way to burn off that power. They due to this fact like to climb and chase prey when out there. Each are additionally very playful and can get pleasure from spending time with you enjoying video games and having enjoyable.

Each breeds are very talkative. They’re recognized to make use of chirping sounds to speak to you, apart from the occasional meow as nicely. Each are additionally very smart and can try and invade any house they’ll get into, which incorporates your closed cabinets. 

These breeds share a outstanding however uncommon trait. They love water. This places them in a novel Membership together with the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat


A Bengal has the excellence of with the ability to leap 3 times its personal size in peak from a standstill. Bengals usually tend to cuddle with you than Savannah cats. They appear to have fewer traits of untamed ancestry than the Savannah. 

That stated, they could be simpler to coach. They get alongside pretty nicely with most individuals and different pets, supplied they’re socialized correctly. 

bengal cat outside bengal cat names


Savannahs have been recognized to leap as much as 12 feet in peak from a standing place. It’s a outstanding capacity that demonstrates the cats’ energy and wild origins. This makes them troublesome to comprise in a house setting that isn’t suited to exploration. 

Between the 2 breeds, Savannahs are thought-about to have barely wilder personalities. Some describe this wild fracture because the cats behaving extra like canine. They are often skilled on a leash and are more likely to follow you round and work together with you extra like a canine than most cats.

On the draw back, this additionally signifies that they’ve sturdy personalities and generally is a little bit harder to socialize when they’re feeling aggressive or in a high-energy mode. Savannahs have been recognized to be considerably protecting of their people. They may profit from early introductions to different folks and pets.


Neither the Bengal nor the Savannah shed very a lot. This makes them straightforward to look after. Each are additionally comparatively short-haired, which signifies that they’ll typically be preferable for these with allergy symptoms. This doesn’t imply you don’t need to groom them, after all. 

The occasional brush does assist to maintain the coat unmatted and helps to unfold important oils throughout the fur. Moreover, just a few classes of grooming per week is a superb bonding expertise for you. Strive grooming gloves for an much more tactile expertise.


Picture by 성혁 이 from Pixabay 

Costs of Bengals and Savannahs

Buying a pedigree Bengal or Savannah shouldn’t be low cost. A Bengal, for instance, can go for about $1,000. Breeders associations insist that the breeding follow be closely monitored. They assert that Bengal kittens costing lower than this might not be the real article. 

Against this, a Savannah (which is taken into account extra unique in some respects) can price as much as $20,000. There are far fewer Savannah breeders and cats, so discovering these could also be a problem. That’s additionally why they are usually extra expensive. First-generation Savannahs are notably invaluable and considerably uncommon, and due to this fact expensive.

One thing to Be aware About Possession Restrictions

Within the United States, some possession restrictions apply to sure animals which can be categorised as wild or half wild. In case you are eager about proudly owning both a Savannah or Bengal, test with the state or metropolis legal guidelines. There could also be restrictions on these breeds attributable to their acknowledged part-wild standing.  

bengal cat with green eyes stares at camera
Bengal Cat

Which Would You Select?

Now that you’ve some thought of the variations, which of those lovely breeds do you’re feeling would go well with your property? Assuming there aren’t any points together with your state or metropolis, both of these cats would make an ideal companion in your dwelling. 

Needless to say Savannahs are usually bigger than the Bengal and can behave extra like a canine than a cat.

Bear in mind additionally that their respective personalities might not be typical of a daily home home cat total. These kitties will discover your property, and regular cabinets aren’t any impediment. With their energy and leaping capacity, it’s going to profit you to discover some cat-proofing methods.

bengal cat sits on stool
Bengal kitten

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With all that stated, for those who’re searching for extra information on these or different good cats, strive studying this checklist of smartest cat breeds.

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