Certainly one of my cats, Gabby, will generally make a coughing, wheezing sound, nearly like he’s about to cough up a hairball or do the notorious scarf-and-barf transfer, however generally, nothing comes up! So, is cat wheezing one thing to fret about? And does cat wheezing all the time imply a visit to the vet?

First, what does cat wheezing sound like?

As any cat mother or father is aware of, cats make all sorts of weird sounds. Each of my cats do the scarf-and-barf each from time to time, that means that generally they may eat their meals too quick and throw it up instantly afterward. The cat wheezing sound is a definite hack, hack, HACKING noise adopted by my cats arching their backs, opening their jaws vast and puking. The outcomes aren’t fairly and it sounds painful!