Similar to people, cats can sometimes twitch of their sleep. Most often, this physique motion is regular and shouldn’t be trigger for concern. Nonetheless, it may signify one thing is unsuitable together with your four-legged good friend. 

Sleep is a crucial part in dwelling a wholesome life, and your cat appreciates getting correct relaxation as a lot as you do. So why do cats twitch of their sleep? It’s time to look at the most typical causes for this cat conduct and a few regularly requested questions consistent with this subject. 

After studying this record of causes and FAQs, you’ll have a clearer understanding of why your cat could be twitching of their sleep and what to do about it. 

tabby cat in odd sleeping position

Why Do Cats Twitch in Their Sleep | 8 High Causes

Earlier than we get into the highest causes cats twitch their sleep, do not forget that in case you’re ever involved about your pet, it’s a good suggestion to seek the advice of your vet. They will present extra enter on why your cat is twitching and assist put your thoughts relaxed. 

1. Dreaming

Similar to people, cats dream, and this is without doubt one of the most typical explanation why they twitch of their sleep. They undergo three completely different levels of sleep cycles: cat naps, mild sleep, and REM (additionally known as deep sleep). 

They’re extra more likely to twitch throughout REM; that is when their mind remains to be lively, which might trigger spontaneous twitching. You’re almost definitely to see their nostril, whiskers, or ears twitching, however they could additionally transfer their paws or mouth. They could even meow

tabby cat asleep

As long as this motion isn’t accompanied by some other signs, it’s probably that their twitching is solely a response to a dream they’re having.

2. Nervous System Improvement 

As talked about above, cats undergo three completely different levels of sleep cycles, however kittens have a fourth sleep cycle, generally known as activated sleep. That is when their nervous system is growing. It’s one thing that every one kittens expertise, and it will possibly trigger twitching. 

Their physique is difficult at work growing and making new neuron connections, which may end up in fast, jerky actions whereas their physique is resting. You may additionally see them cry of their sleep, squirm, or make different noises. 

So long as your kitten isn’t sick or displaying odd conduct, it’s nothing to fret about. 

Ginger kitten sleeping with both its paws up on a white blanket.

They need to outgrow this stage as soon as their nervous system is totally developed. Within the meantime, get pleasure from this cute a part of their kitty part. 

3. Fleas

Fleas are a pores and skin situation that may trigger your cat to twitch throughout their sleep. If their pores and skin is irritated, their physique can transfer or make slight twitching actions in a bid to get the itchiness to go away. A topical flea spot treatment will help kill these pesky bugs and cease your cat from twitching. 

Fleas are extra frequent in exterior cats, however your indoor pets can decide up fleas too. They are often transferred to your cat from one other pet who enters the family. 

Flea in pet hair.

4. Different Pores and skin Situations

Cats can have allergy symptoms, matted fur, or pores and skin infections that will result in excessively itchy pores and skin. This could all trigger them to twitch of their sleep. When you discover that when your cat wakes up, they begin grooming themselves immediately, this is usually a signal that one thing is irritating them. 

When you see them twitch their ears, they might have an ear an infection or mites. Verify for a build-up of wax or discoloration on this space. When you discover one thing is off, converse together with your vet to handle the issue correctly. 

Veterinarian cleans ears to a small kitten close-up

5. Uncontrollable Muscle Spasms

Cats can expertise muscle spasms throughout all levels of sleep and likewise once they’re awake. A spasm is introduced on by their muscle mass stress-free and contracting back and forth. Though this motion will be pushed by well being situations, usually, it’s only a pure a part of their sleeping cycle.

Nonetheless, in the event that they expertise frequent muscle spasms, it would point out an underlying medical situation akin to kidney illness, liver points, electrolyte imbalance, muscular dystrophy, or dehydration. 


6. Being pregnant 

When a cat is pregnant, their physique experiences all types of modifications. It’s working time beyond regulation to develop and assist new life. This could result in elevated muscle exercise and twitching actions throughout sleep.

Normally, this motion is innocent, but it surely may very well be an indication of low calcium throughout being pregnant, generally known as eclampsia. To be protected, preserve an eye in your pet and ensure they’re not experiencing different odd signs, like agitation and nervousness. 


7. Seizures 

Cats can have seizures whereas they’re sleeping that may look much like twitching. Nonetheless, seizures are usually jerkier and extra pronounced. Their muscle mass or limbs would possibly go stiff, they usually may additionally foam on the mouth. 

Seizures typically final between 30 and 90 seconds, and through that point, you’ll have problem waking your pet. Your cat will almost definitely show different neurological modifications once they’re awake other than seizures. These can embrace issues like modifications in vitality ranges, urge for food, or different conduct. 

When you see your cat twitching and displaying any of the signs listed above, it’s finest to talk together with your vet. It may additionally be a good suggestion to put in a pet camera to watch your cat whilst you’re away. 

White cat sleeping on the floor why do cats twitch in their sleep

8. Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome

Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome, additionally known as twitchy cat illness, rolling pores and skin syndrome, and some different names, is another excuse for twitching in cats. It’s not solely certain what causes this syndrome. Vets theorize it could be introduced on by mind issues like epilepsy, tail trauma, muscle issues, or spinal illness. 

Most often, this situation seems to have ‘triggers’. These can embrace issues like knocks on doorways, doorbells, different noises, modifications to meals, touching a delicate a part of your cat’s physique, and extra. 

siberian tabby sleeping

Twitching is a standard symptom of this situation, in addition to different issues like compulsive grooming, licking or biting their paws, drooling, chasing their tail, and extra. When you discover any of those indicators in your cat, it’s finest to talk together with your vet to see in case your cat could be affected by this situation. 

Often Requested Questions About Cats Twitching in Their Sleep

Now that you’ve got a greater understanding of why cats twitch of their sleep, let’s go over some regularly requested questions and solutions associated to this subject. 

What Ought to I Do If I Assume My Cat Has Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome?

Abyssinian Cat lying down best cat breeds

At present, there’s no remedy for Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. Nonetheless, there are methods to assist your pet handle the signs. When you suspect your cat has FHS, schedule a go to with the vet instantly. 
There are drugs they’ll take to assist their high quality of life. You’ll additionally need to assist your cat handle their stress and anxiousness, as this will worsen its signs. 
Whereas this illness can have an effect on all cat breeds, it appears to be extra frequent in Abyssinian, Burmese, Siamese, and Persian breeds. 

Ought to I Wake My Cat Up If They’re Twitching? 

Two cats sleeping next to each other.

Most often, you don’t must wake your cat if they’re twitching in its sleep. Nonetheless, there are just a few cases the place it could be a good suggestion. 
In case your cat is asleep close to the sting of the mattress or one other excessive floor, they usually appear like they could fall off, it’s finest to wake them and transfer them to a safer location. In case your cat is having an lively dream the place it’s working round, its twitching may very well be extra energetic, and it would unconsciously transfer a bit an excessive amount of. 
If you’re uncertain in case your cat is having a seizure or twitching, you can too attempt to wake them. In the event that they arouse simply, it’s most likely that they have been solely twitching. Nonetheless, in case you can’t wake them, this can be a potential signal that they’re having a seizure. On this case, you must contact your vet. 

If I Have To, How Ought to I Wake My Cat Up? 

Cat asleep on woman's shoulder.

When you determine it’s essential to wake your cat up whereas they’re twitching, achieve this gently, like the way you’d prefer to be woken up. Don’t poke or prod them; as a substitute, stroke their coat flippantly and coax them awake with mushy phrases. 
Keep in mind, nobody likes to be woken up from a deep sleep, together with your pets. 

How Lengthy Do Cats Usually Sleep Every Day? 

tabby cat asleep with paws outstretched

Need to know how long cats sleep? It’s regular on your feline pals to sleep between 12 and 16 hours every day. After they’re kittens, they’ll sleep between 16 and 20 hours per day, relying on their actual age. 
Senior cats additionally are likely to sleep for longer intervals of time. On account of their previous age and lowered mobility, they’ll sleep for as much as 20 hours per day. 
This gained’t be straight sleep, although; they’ll undergo intervals of waking and resting all through the day. When you concentrate on it, that’s loads of alternative for twitching. 

Why Do Cats Sleep So A lot?

cat asleep on stomach

Cats sleep an estimated two-thirds of their lifetime; by comparability, people sleep for about one-third. Our fluffy pals are crepuscular animals and have developed to sleep this a lot. Wild cats wanted to preserve their vitality to exert themselves in looking, chasing, and killing their prey. 
Though domesticated home cats are usually not required to hunt for his or her meals anymore to outlive, their intuition to relaxation in preparation for this strenuous exercise continues to this present day. 

Do Cats Have Nightmares? 

Blue-eyed greyish kitten over a black and white gradient background, meowing.

Sure, cats can have nightmares whereas they’re sleeping. You would possibly be capable to inform in case your cat is having a nasty dream if they begin growling in its sleep, closely panting, or yowling. This may very well be mistaken for twitching or having a seizure. 
Nonetheless, if it’s only a once-off prevalence, or if it solely occurs sometimes, it’s most likely nothing to fret about. 

What Ought to I Do if My Cat Is Shaking?

two white kittens half asleep next to each other

Seeing your cat shaking relatively than twitching may very well be a trigger for concern, or it could be nothing in any respect. Normally, this motion is attributable to having an irregular physique temperature, ache or anxiousness, hypoglycemia, or one other sickness. It’s finest to talk together with your vet to look at the rationale behind this conduct. 

When Ought to I See a Vet If I’m Involved About My Cat Twitching? 

Veterinarian using a stethoscope to a ginger cat.

When you’re ever involved about your cat twitching, it’s higher to be protected than sorry, particularly in case you discover different modifications in your pet’s conduct other than twitching. Attempt to preserve notes on how usually they twitch and what the actions appear like. 
When you can, it’s additionally a good suggestion to document a video of your cat twitching in its sleep to point out your vet. This will help them determine if different medical work is important. 

What Kind of Atmosphere Do Cats Sleep Greatest in? 


Sleep is essential on your cat’s well being, and you may help them in getting nice sleep in a number of other ways. Cats like to be heat. If the climate will get chilly, activate a heater for them to put subsequent to, or if that’s not attainable, you will get a self-warming cat pad for them to get cozy on.  
Be sure that their sleeping spot is away from any noisy home equipment and busy areas of your house. A quiet nook of a lounge or bed room is often the perfect place for them. Most cats additionally get pleasure from sleeping in cat trees, particularly in the event that they reside with youngsters and different pets that may simply entry them in any other case. 

Why Do Cats Twitch in Their Sleep | Closing Ideas?

Hopefully, this info has answered the query: why do cats twitch of their sleep? The extra you recognize about your pet, the higher you may look after them. 

Most often, this conduct isn’t one thing to be involved about. Nonetheless, it may very well be an indication of one thing extra severe at play, wherein case you’ll discover to talk together with your vet. 

cat-in-box-sleeping-curled-up why do cats sleep in a ball

If you wish to be taught extra about how your furry pals expertise getting some shut-eye, try all of the completely different sleeping cat positions and what they reveal about your pet subsequent.

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