Wait, isn’t it canine that bury their meals? Because it seems, canines aren’t the one ones with historical instincts that compel them to cowl up their coveted delicacies. Cats can generally tend to do that as effectively — maybe you’ve even caught them within the act and questioned what they had been doing it for. So why does my cat attempt to bury her meals?

Perhaps they’re simply weird, you may assume. However cats have very actual causes for eager to bury their meals. Whether or not it’s the best dry food cash should purchase your kitten or luxurious moist meals that makes your cat drool, cats don’t discriminate in the case of burying urges.

For those who want solutions now, you’ve come to the precise place. Right here we’ll talk about the commonest the explanation why your cat is likely to be burying their meals and simply how regular it’s.  

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Why Does My Cat Attempt to Bury Her Meals? 4 Causes

From fussy eaters to instinct-driven workouts in stealth, there are many causes in your cat to need to bury their meals. Check out a few of the high causes to reply your questions. 

1. They’re Saving Some for Later

Who doesn’t love leftovers? Clearly, your cat does too! They may take a few of the meals out of their bowl and bury it someplace for safekeeping to allow them to return later for a snack once they get peckish. There’s even a time period for this conduct — scientists name it “meals caching”, originating from the word “cache.” 

It could additionally occur when you overfeed your purrfect pet and so they can’t end their dinner. However they don’t need a scavenger (a.ok.a. your different pet) to take what’s technically theirs, so that they’ll disguise it away slightly as a way to shield it. 

Cat in loaf position eating a piece of meat from the kitchen table.

For those who battle to get your feeding quantities excellent for each mealtime, an automatic feeder will do the job for you. But when your feline good friend is only a fussy eater and buries their meals with out consuming sufficient of it, maybe it’s time to think about some high-calorie food in the event that they’re turning into underweight. 

2. They’re Hiding the Proof

Clearly, domesticated kitties don’t have anything to concern of their coddled cocoons at dwelling, however their ancestors would sometimes bury the stays of their meal. This was to cowl up any hint of their presence in order that potential enemies couldn’t observe them from their meals remnants. 

two-cats-eating-from-same-dish why does my cat try to bury her food

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In actual fact, feral cats nonetheless do that within the city wild, and pregnant cats or new mothers nursing kittens are recognized to generally indulge on this conduct. It’s because they will’t roam too removed from their younger offspring, so that they do their finest to cover any hint of their scent to maintain the little ones protected. 

Even when they aren’t pregnant or lactating, a cat that identifies as submissive should still disguise the stays of their meals to stop any dominant or aggressive cats within the space from coming over. 

3. They’re Maintaining Issues Tidy

Cats are notoriously clear creatures. They spend a lot of their time grooming themselves that it may possibly’t come as a shock. However they prolong this cleanliness into their “dens”, and, subsequently, your property. 

They don’t like leaving outdated meals mendacity round, simply as a lot as they don’t like leaving their toilet enterprise mendacity within the open. They like to kick sand or litter over their waste to cover it away. 

This need stems from the identical have to do away with the meals. Mainly, they prefer to preserve a really clear home. It’s a behavior that may be traced again to survival intuition, as different animals is likely to be attracted by the smells of meals and waste. 

It has the additional benefit of stopping any sicknesses from rotten meals or feces contaminating their residing space and exposing them to illness. Cleanliness and well being go hand in hand, or paw in paw because it seems. 


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This does imply, nevertheless, that there’s the likelihood your choosy kitty simply doesn’t just like the meals she’s being given and is disposing of it slightly than consuming it. Wherein case, it’s time to rethink what you’re feeding them.   

4. They’re Preserving Their Meal

Within the wild, massive cats bury their hard-won meat to preserve its freshness, very like our ancestors would dig out caches within the permafrost to retailer meals for longer. It’s cooler underground, even when there isn’t an lively Ice Age to assist preserve the temperatures low. 

Above floor, the ambient or direct warmth of the solar would permit the meals to go rancid and turn out to be inedible. So far as your cat is worried, the bottom is their very own personal fridge holding their meals contemporary and attractive. 


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Why Does My Cat Paw At Their Meals?

Pawing at their meals is a half-hearted try at burying it. Not all cats have entry to a backyard or are let outdoors on the common, so that they produce other methods of satisfying these primordial yearnings. 

A younger kitten or older cat may softly paw, knead, or scratch on the ground round their bowl in a haphazard method of fulfilling the intuition to bury, even when your ground is impenetrable. In important phrases, it’s a method of “faux protecting” their meals. They may even try to pull one thing over to cowl their dish with, comparable to a towel or piece of paper.  

Cat looking at the canned cat food being offered to it.

How Do I Cease It?

The reply is easy — feed your cat smaller, extra frequent meals, and take away any leftovers as quickly as they’re performed. Alternatively, you may feed them on a floor that may’t be simply scratched or place a protecting feeding mat down when you’re involved in your ground.


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Last Ideas on Why My Cat Tries To Bury Her Meals

No, they don’t have a canine complicated in any case. They’re simply following within the steps of their ancestors by storing, disposing, or hiding their meals as they see match. Although it is probably not typical cat conduct on a stereotypical scale, it’s utterly odd in your feline good friend to bask in these actions. Take note of how usually they do it, and also you may notice they’re attempting to inform you one thing. 

Talking of cats enjoying with their meals, you may also be questioning the way to preserve a cat’s teeth clean with out a toothbrush. Learn on for some nice recommendations on holding these pearly whites in tip-top form.

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