All people is aware of that cats wish to blink their eyes at you. Individuals particularly prefer it when that blink occurs slowly. Most agree a cat blinking its big eyes in gradual movement is an indication of affection, and it’s probably an indication that your cat is actually having fun with your organization. Some even romanticize the motion as an expression of affection out of your cat. So why is my cat holding one eye closed?

Every so often, nevertheless, you could discover that your cat appears to be holding one eye closed constantly. This isn’t a wink. When it’s a constant case of 1 eye merely not being open, it might be an indication that one thing will not be fairly proper.  

What does that imply? There could also be one in all a number of attainable circumstances current. 

Cats’ eyes, like our very personal, are valuable. Little question it’s value ensuring that your cat’s eyes are in good well being and that there are not any preventable issues at any given time.  Listed here are some causes your cat could also be holding one eye closed.

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Why is My Cat Preserving One Eye Closed? 10 Causes

The attainable causes to your cat’s eye staying constantly closed vary fairly considerably. The issue may very well be so simple as a overseas object that has entered the eye, similar to what occurs to people. On the opposite hand, it may very well be an indication of a extra extreme and complex pause. 

1. Cataracts in Cats

Similar to people, older cats typically endure from cataracts. That is usually as a result of onset of a illness like diabetes. It additionally often options irritation of the uvea, which accommodates the iris a part of the attention. Cataracts seem as a cloud formation over the attention. 

The cloud in query blocks gentle from getting via to the opposite sensory elements of the attention construction. Because of this, your cat could ultimately expertise various levels of blindness, which can be progressive in nature.

If the cataracts are caused by diabetes, your cat might also endure further signs like extreme thirst or extreme urination. Typically cataracts could be handled with surgical procedure. But when it’s not too severe, many cats can survive with cataracts. 

white cat with one blue and one amber eye

2. Cat Eye An infection

Cat eye infections are comparatively widespread. They are often brought on by bacteria and lead to circumstances like conjunctivitis. You could have to seek the advice of a vet as a result of the situation is also viral.

You could discover discoloration across the eye. The attention can be held closed and probably endure extreme tearing or some discharge of inexperienced or yellow fluid.

A cat will maintain an contaminated eye closed due to attainable ache or gentle sensitivity. Treating an eye fixed an infection in your cat will not be so simple as treating one for your self.  Within the case of a viral an infection, feline herpes, for instance, could be a trigger.  At any charge, it’s greatest to let an professional maintain a constant an infection. 


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3. Corneal Ulcer

Corneal ulcers sound painful and are a barely extra concerned situation. The corneal layers of the attention have been depleted, and additional harm could also be brought on by trauma.  Normally, there’s a clear movie over the attention, and there’s numerous discharge and cloudiness within the space. 

Very like a basic an infection, there can be numerous redness and sensitivity to gentle. Typically the situation could be handled with antibiotics, however a extra extreme situation may have surgical procedure. 

Cat hides its eyes with its paws.

4. Dry Eye – A Cat Situation

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), or dry eye,  is an unlucky situation the place your cat’s eyes will not be producing sufficient tears to wash the attention routinely and naturally.

The eyeball and construction are due to this fact dry and will emit a yellow discharge. Additionally, you will discover your cat blinking very excessively. Most often, a vet can prescribe treatment to assist handle this situation.

5. Pink Eye

As talked about beforehand, cats can get conjunctivitis attributable to bacterial or viral infections. However they’ll additionally endure from allergic reactions, which can result in some painful or at the least uncomfortable eye circumstances. 


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6. International Objects 

Cats wish to roam round outdoor and in all kinds of nooks and crannies. Naturally, a overseas object can grow to be lodged within the eye. Like with people, something from mud and grass to sand can get in there. It can trigger some swelling and a few redness, and your cat will probably hold their eye closed for the ache.

Most often, an object will ultimately be washed away by tears. 

7. Glaucoma in Cats

Glaucoma can occur if an eye fixed an infection goes untreated for some time.  Some breeds are additionally extra susceptible to glaucoma (see beneath). Sure sorts of harm or tumors would possibly inform different causes. 

White Khao Manee cat with different color eyes.

The first rationalization is that fluid builds up within the eye and doesn’t drain successfully attributable to swelling, blockage, or different causes. This causes numerous ache, and typically your cat won’t be able to open its eye. 

This ache could be very traumatic for a cat, and you’ll probably see modifications in its conduct. It might cover from you or appear to cower for no cause.

A vet can prescribe a special medication to take the swelling down. If left untreated, glaucoma could cause extreme harm and even the lack of an eye fixed.

8. Harm To Your Cat’s Eye

Accidents to the eyes can happen, and they’re comparatively widespread. Scratches to the cornea are widespread occurrences, particularly in kittens, who roughhouse and claw as they be taught to play and hunt. A scratch on the cornea can grow to be contaminated, leading to swelling, discharge, and a closed eye. 


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9. Issues With Your Cat’s Eyelid

Typically it’s not the attention itself that’s contaminated or broken. It might, in actual fact, be a condition called blepharitis, which impacts the eyelid itself. Parts of the eyelid can grow to be flaky, they usually could swell, stopping the attention from opening. 

In lots of instances, this situation could be handled with common bathing in heat water or an eye cleaner. But when it persists, see your vet. 

10. Entropion

Entropion is a situation the place an eyelid droops ahead, inflicting irritation and harm to the eyeball and cornea. If this causes discomfort and ache, your cat will probably hold its eye closed for long intervals.

Eye Issues in Sure Cat Breeds

These issues listed above are on no account restricted to sure cat breeds. However it’s value realizing that some cat breeds are extra susceptible to eye issues than others. Here’s a temporary rundown.  


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Brachycephalic Cats 

Brachycephalic cats have a smaller head and a specific form of head form. Normally, their snouts are additionally shorter. In a way, they are often stated to have flat faces in comparison with different cats. The identical situation exists in canine, although typically with completely different ensuing issues.

In cats, often, the situation creates issues with sufficient tears being produced to naturally wash the attention. These breeds, specifically, could also be extra susceptible to the situation.

Ginger flat faced cat with amber eyes up close
Unique Shorthair cat

Remaining Ideas on Why Your Cat is Preserving One Eye Closed

It pays to be observant relating to your cat. Cats are usually so much much less apparent if something is flawed with them, and one thing as delicate as a closed eye could effectively go unnoticed.

However don’t ignore it. Attempt to get a deal with on what the trigger is likely to be as quickly as attainable to stop any prolonged discomfort. Notice as effectively that letting the situation go untreated could lead to extra severe and long-term harm to the eyes. 

With all that stated, lots of the causes will not be that severe and comparatively widespread, as you’ll be able to see from the record above. Hold an eye fixed out, so to talk, and hopefully, you and your cat can join with full and loving eye contact for a few years to come back. 

Tabby cat asleep with its paw over its eye.

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